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I was born in 1984 in Bogotá, Colombia into a family of entrepreneurs. When I was 18 years old, in 2002, I decided to move to Vienna, Austria to study. 


In 2012 I graduated with honors from the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna with a Magister degree in composition for media and applied music. At the end of my studies, the Music University awarded me with the mdw recognition award 2012 for excellent performance during my studies. 


In the same year, I had the idea to found the first symphony orchestra for film and video game music in the history of Austria: Max Steiner Orchestra. My idea and journey attracted a lot of media attention and several articles in the press and in different magazines were written about me.


I was then invited in 2013 to the Cannes Film Festival to present the Max Steiner Orchestra. It was there where the first project was born that brought many more projects until today.


After finishing the University, I had the opportunity to work with world-renowned artists such as Hans Zimmer, Anna Netrebko, Denny Elfman, Alexandre Desplat, Andrew Lloyd Webber, David Newman and James Horner among others.

Because of my achievements, the president of Colombia commemorated me as one of the 100 most successful Colombians abroad and I was invited to the presidential palace to receive a plaque of honor.


In 2018 I completed my master's degree in business administration with a specialization in project management, Professional MBA at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, Executive Academy.


In 2022 I obtained my certificate as an academic expert in the field of spirituality in the psychosocial professions from the Sigmund Freud University Vienna, a subject that has been of great interest to me since childhood.


As of 2022, I am a board member of the female leaders network of the Vienna University of Economics and Business, Executive Academy, where we support women in their personal and professional development.


In 2023 I founded the Self Love Artist Studio, a creative space where people come together to practice the art of self love, a topic that has a profound impact on all areas of our lives. Since 2023, I am faculty lecturer at the MUK Music and Arts University of the city of Vienna teaching film and commercial music. 



Academic expert in the field of

"Spirituality in the psychosocial professions"

Sigmund Freud University Vienna


Master of Business Administration, MBA 

Project Management

Vienna University of Economics and Business | Executive Academy


Touch for Health | Energy Kinesiology

Brain Sisters Health Consulting Vienna


Energy medicine for emotional balance

Vitalakademie Vienna


Magister in media composition and applied music

University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna


Bachelor in composition and music theory

Music and Arts University of the city of Vienna



born in Bogotá, Colombia


moved to Vienna, Austria


book publication

 “The relevance of instrumentation: for the tonal expression of musical structures as a premise for perception”


Spanish | English | German


Vienna, Austria



Colombianos Estrella

Colombian Government Award for Outstanding Achievements Abroad


The Boston Consulting Group

Experienced Class 2016


100 Colombianos

Colombian Government Award for Outstanding Achievements Abroad


Roche Continents Workshop

Outstanding Young Talent


Appreciation Award

University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna


Transatlantyk Young Composer Award



RFM Classic Honorable Mention

For original, aesthetic style, depth

and unique presentation of emotion in music

(listen to Natalia´s composition here)

2008 - 2011

One World Scholarship

For excellent performance in the study


I dedicate my work to my great mentors Louise Hay, John Bradshaw, Carl Jung, Wayne Dyer, Esther&Jerry Hicks, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Sylvia Gabriela Fischer and Beatríz Chávez Durán. Their teachings have allowed me to reach places where I never imagined I could be. I have immense gratitude towards them and it is my strong desire to spread the legacy of these loving mentors while expanding my knowledge thanks to the new circumstances and desires that arise in my everyday life.

I am also deeply thankful to all those who have found value in my life's work and gave me either a recognition, made a video interview, wrote a newspaper article and all the other wonderful signs of appreciation. A big thank to you all!

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